Fighting for this world

What I do for a loving

As a scientist, I am committed to an ethos of absolute objectivity. My approach and methods are fully transparent and allow everyone to understand, evaluate and criticise my results.
Therefore, my scientific work is in no way challenged by being inspired - and by in turn inspiring - my idealistic striving for human and animal rights. Since as a human being, I am committed to an ethos of all-embracing mindfulness.
I feel I have a responsibility to help create a better tomorrow for all beings - and I take this commitment serious. So, I have chosen and pursue several strands of honorary work as a major part of my life.


Fur was alive

As a girl, my way to the elementary school would lead me past a store for fur fashion twice each day. Every time I passed that store, I was struck with horror upon imagining that animals are killed for nothing but human vanity. So it is probably no coincidence that my fight for animal rights began with an anti-fur campaign: "Fur was alive". Since the onset of that campaign, I have learned that vanity is not the only motive for people to produce and wear fur fashion: hunger for monetary profit, naive anthropocentrism and - above all - ignorance likewise motivate exploiting living beings for their pelts. "Fur was alive" is an attempt to change people's minds gently and effectively; i.a. by

Foodsharing: Saving and Sharing Edibles

Foodsharing is a growing community of volunteers who save edibles from going to the dumpster. Having originated in Berlin, Germany, its closely-knit networks of local groups now sprout nation-wide in Germany and other German-speaking countries. We are dedicated to reducing food waste and to furthering awareness of how valuable our earthly resources are.
We educate the public about ways of saving food and cooperate with local businesses, collecting edibles they can no longer sell and distribute them for free: thus saving edible treasures and making people happy.
I founded and organized the foodsharing team in Singen, Germany, coordinating our actions, instructing new "foodsavers" of our growing group, overseeing our business-cooperations, and publicising our work. In 2019, I handed the leadership position over to my successor in order to focus on my other projects.

Approaching my Values each Day

In my vegan, biking, walking, post-growth, upcyceling ways, I happily struggle for living my values as best I can:
I aim at not only preaching compassion and sustainability, but at acting accordingly. I readily accept the struggles of every day sustainable life that, e.g. stem from not owning a car.
Thereby, I am aware that every striving for a value-based life can at best be a trade-off of different values and is bound to be deficient when measured against the ideal. For example, a vegan life-way is just the least afflicting mode of consuming - not a completely harm-free one. A human life is one of compromise and I assess the trade-offs I make with care and honesty.
Yet, I am unconditionally committed to facing the challenge of choosing the most veracious and mindful way of coexisting with my fellow earthlings.

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