Words take effect

I speak.

About the causes of conflict between humans and wild animals, many of which are not as evident as it might seem.
About life seen through unfamiliar lenses: An other needs not be an enemy. Animals have their motives.
About ways (and secret portals) to living amidst nature.

I love to imbue with insights.
To read reality from fresh angles.
To allure to amity.



Podcasts & Panels


  • 9. Denzlinger Panel on Wildlife, Denzlingen, Germany, (Ko-)Existenzfragen: Wie Wildtiere uns zum Nachdenken übers Menschsein bewegen, September 2023.

  • ProNatura Info-Center, Bern, Switzerland, Faszinierend und provozierend: Rabenvögel aus psychologischer Sicht. October 2021.

  • Entresol, Zürich, Switzerland, Animals and Language. February 2017.

  • KORA – Carnivore Ecology and Wildlife Management Switzerland, Bern, Human-Wildlife Relations: From Conflict to Coexistence, July 2015.

  • UK Synaesthesia Association Conference, Brighton, UK, Grapheme colour synaesthesia: Similar shapes take similar colours., March 2010

I will be honored by your inviting me to speak!

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