Nice to see you!

As a scholar, I fathom the psycho-logic of humans' relations to our fellow world; as an activist, I challenge their malleability; and as a creatrice, I probe into their essence.

I am an expert for human-nature relationships and a guest researcher at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL.

  • In autumn 2022, I received my doctorate, Doctor of Sciences, from ETH Zürich.

  • I studied Environmental Sciences and Environmental Management at the Yale School of the Environment.

  • I received my Diploma of Psychology with Ethology as my minor subject from CAU Kiel.

  • For the German Federal Association of NABU, I lead a group on human-corvid coexistence.

  • I author and publish academic, popular scientific, and fictional pieces.

  • The love for all life is my driving force.

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