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I am a psychologist and I am intrigued by what people think and feel about "nature" - or rather: about their fellow world. Our fellow world: that is the entirety of human, animal, and plant individuals with which we share the living spaces of this earth, as well as the totality of the natural processes and systems with which we are entwined.

Human-animal relations are particularly dear to me. In my doctoral thesis, I have found that challenging interactions of humans and wildlife, such as wolves, ultimately raise deepgoing questions about what it means to be human. No wonder that seemingly factual issues carry so much emotional charge! My doctoral project received the Research Award of the German Wildlife Foundation.
My academic curiosity also covers synaesthesia research, environmental ethics, and the philosophy of mind, particularly the conditions and possibilities of transspecies encounters.

As newly knighted Doctor of Sciences and guest researcher at the Swiss Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research WSL, I work on a book project that composes a comprehensive picture from all the assembled as well as the yet unpublished insights.


Humans and Wildlife

Crossing human− other-than-human boundaries

Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics

Synästhesia and Ideasthesia



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